go to the paragraph section to choose line spacing

how do i use ms word to write a novel

i asked a few people where i can download novel writing software and many advised me to use just ms word. but i don't see how that could help. could you tell me

look at self-publishing guidelines at sites such as lulu, xlibris and iuniverse to determine appropriate dimensions for your manuript. publishers can format your book for you, but they'll only be doing what you're capable of doing in (and charging you handsomely for the privilege). choose dimensions that suit your style and bud.2 word pageformat the page. before you begin typing, set up the page by going to page layout, and setting the margins and size. this is also a good time to consider headers, footers and page numbering. choose the insert tab and choose your page format from the header & footer format tab.3choose your font. under the home tab, you can choose software download the style, size and color of the font. while you may be considering a fancy rolling font, most publishers diourage this shot at creativity. especially if your book is going to be many pages, stay simple. use a size and style that's easy on the eyes.4set up paragraphs. still under the home tab, go to the paragraph section to choose line spacing, justification and spacing between paragraphs.5write. type in your manuript. word will automatically add pages as necessary, will catch spelling errors (although not necessarily typos) and offer grammatical solutions for iffy phrasing.6edit your book. one of the handiest features in word 2007 is the review feature. it's a great tool for self-editing, and it can make it easy for a second person to review and comment on your work. go to the review tab. as you edit, when you encounter a question or a change you are considering, highlight the passage and click on new comment. word will automatically insert a column and a bubble where you or your editor can offer suggestions and changes. if you decide to use the change, you can hit accept. you can also reject it or merely delete it. tracking allows you to track latest software download changes.7cite your work. if you are writing a work that requires citation, go to the reference tab, where you can manage the cited sources in whatever format you like. you can also insert a table of contents, charts and tables, captions, footnotes and a bibliography from this section.8save your work. word offers the usual save options, but additionally allows you to save your work in alternative formats. if you are using word to prepare a manuript for publication, eventually you will need the document in a pdf format. you can industry leading download the appropriate program from adobe and then save the work in that unalterable format.

1) you can check your spellings.2) you can find synonyms more frequently3) you can save , cut, copy pastefor more such , please see

type your story in ms word.print itmail it to publisherhopey they will like it and publish it. http://www.lovesoftware.net/